2018-2019 Year Round Circuit Options


2018-2019 Custom Circuit Photo Album Package
Up to 50 Pages
1 hour photoshoot to be included in the album
Digital files emailed in a timely manner after each show
Personalized private mobile app for viewing and downloading of digital downloads
Private online gallery for viewing/purchasing
Receive a code for 10% off all prints from your gallery
One rider per album Includes 2 horses (additional horses can be added at an extra cost)
Only currently offered for PASC and Heritage dates photographed by Katy In Design
An initial down-payment is required for the cost of the book Other fees will be spread out in monthly payments
Total Price: $2,600 (doesn’t include initial downpayment’s tax/shipping/handling fees)

2016-2017 Digital Download Circuit Packages
(One rider per package, maximum 3 divisions per day)
Includes personalized private mobile app to view and download digital downloads
1. One Single Payment: Pasc - $600; Heritage - $1080     (All digital images from the season)     Totaling $120 Per Show
2. Pay $200 Per Show (Up to 15 images, not available for clinics or other events)

Barn Books
30 pages of images
Soft or hard cover
Custom image cover
Includes 1 group barn photoshoot
Discounted rates for extra copies
Down payment required

Memory Books
30 pages of images
Horse Show Photos
Only Soft or hard covered
Custom image cover
Minimum of 80 potential images for book
No downpayment required


Other Photo Book and Album Options

Panoramic Photo Album
Soft shell custom image cover; starting at 20 pages, add up to 80 more; matte paper, no back cover or text on spine; will lay flat  
6x4...225  5x5...240  9x6...265  8x8...285          $10 per 2 extra pages

Panoramic Premium Photo Album
Hard linen (tusk, sand, summer breeze, brick, tundra, or clay) cover with custom image jacket; starts at 20 pages, ad up to 80 more; matte or semi gloss paper (add $15); will lay flat
5x5...300  8x8...330  10x10...375 8.15x11...400          $10 per 2 extra pages  

Classic Coffee Table Book
Hard custom image cover (add $20) OR art cloth (blue, green, pink, orange, red, cream, light grey, charcoal, brown, black); starting at 20 pages, add up to 30 more; foil stamping available in gold or silver (add $15); thin or pearl paper 5x5...250  
8x8...275  10x10...325  8.5x11...375          $10 per 2 extra pages

Signature Layflat Photo Book
Custom designed by Katy; custom image (add $25, available on canvas, satin, glossy, or metallic) OR leather cover (black, baby blue, camel, cardinal red, chocolate, espresso, hydrangea, kiwi, pink, teal, grey, white, or brown velvet); foil stamping available in gold, black, or silver (add $15, not available on brown velvet); starting at 20 pages, add up to 40 more; smooth or pearl paper; will lay flat
5x5...525  6x9...575  8x10...625  10x10...675  12x12...750         $50 per 2 extra pages

Signature Photo Book
Custom designed by Katy; soft shell with custom image and hard (leathers- black, espresso, grey, or white; linen- tundra, tusk, sand, summer breeze, or taupe; custom image- canvas, glossy, or satin) cover options;  matte or pearl paper, starts at 20 pages, add up to 30 more for soft covers and 80 more for hard covers
5x5...475  6x9...525  8x10...575  10x10...625  12x12...700         $30 per 2 extra pages
Hard cover: with custom image add $25  with linen add $20  with leather add $15

Signature Album
Custom designed by Katy; hard cover only (custom image, standard leather, distressed leather, pearl leather, etched leather (add $50), metallic leather, linen, or cameo); foil stamping available on all except etched leather in black copper, gold, matte gold, granite, silver or matte silver (add $15); gilding available for e-surface or deep matte paper in black, gold, or silver (add $50)l debossing available for linen or all leathers except etched (add $25); classic felt, e-surface, deep matte (add $35), and metallic/linen paper; starts at 20 pages, add up to 80 more
5x5...800 8x8...850  8x10...900 10x10...1000  12x12...1200          $100 per 2 extra pages


Please contact me with any questions or to begin ordering your book of irreplaceable memories!